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Little is known about Francesco Supriani’s life. Even his exact name is a mistery, since the various documents we can find related to the cellist and composer present us with different names. Born in the city of Conversano on July 11th 1678, it was probably where he began his musical studies. Years later he moved to Naples, where he married singer Margherita Mencherelli in 1707. In the following year he was appointed first cello of the Real Capilla de Barcelona, recently founded by violinist Giuseppe Porsile for Archduke Charles of Austria. 

Published by the label COBRA records, the present recording is the first monography dedicated to Francesco Supriani’s music and is a perfect example of the variety of his small catalogue, consisting in three types of works: pedagogical, instrumental and cantatas with soprano.

"With Turina appear on the recording soprano Eugenia Boix and harpsichordist Tomoko Matsuoka, to creat a trio that shows us the magnificent music of Supriani".

Eduardo Torrico, SCHERZO

"The high performance level certainly helps, it gives this music a convincing helping hand. What a great expressive eloquence of such a small ensemble! It is from beginning to end wonderful musicianship with an infectious unconcern and at the same time it gives enough room for the contemplative moments."


Aart van der Wal. OPUS KLASSIEK

"We must thank Guillermo Turina and his team this priceless research and demonstration work and, if that was not enough, it is magnificently played" 

Salustio Alvarado, RITMO.

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